It’s OVER! Michigan (FINALLY) Goes Trump.


AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The state of Michigan has confirmed that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 10,704 votes on election night, and will be awarded the states 16 electoral votes following formal certification on November 28. With Michigan finally placed in the Trump victory column, the president-elect now has a total of 306 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232.

It’s over in Michigan. Finally. But what this really means is that the opportunity for the Democrats to seriously contest the election results is over as well. Here’s why.

First, it doesn’t matter how much money Green Party candidate Jill Stein has raised for potential recounts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan (though one does wonder how a reported $3.5MM has been collected in such a short time by such an inconsequential figure). The need for a recount either exists or it doesn’t.

Secondly, it makes no difference as to what claims are made regarding voting irregularities by certain scientists and Democratic attorneys. As reported by the Detroit Free Press:

J. Alex Halderman, director of the University of Michigan’s Center for Computer Security and Society, is one of a small group of computer scientists urging the Democratic presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton to call for recounts in the battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, according to reports on CNN and elsewhere, citing an unnamed source.

However, claims that electronic voting machines may have been compromised have ran into a slight problem in the case of Michigan. As the Free Press further noted:

Chris Thomas, the longtime director of Michigan’s Bureau of Elections, said Michigan doesn’t use the electronic voting machines identified in the report as being the sources of potential hacking.

“We are an entire paper and optical scan state,” Thomas told the Free Press Wednesday. “Nothing is connected to the Internet.”

In other words, Democrat lawyers and progressive hacks, your not so subtle implication that the Russians “may have” hacked the election has been exposed as total BS.

Additionally, while a margin of victory just under 11,000 votes is narrow in a state like Michigan (where a total of nearly 4.6 million votes were cast for either Trump or Clinton), an automatic recount is only triggered when the difference is less than 2,000.

So let’s be clear: No electronic voting machines and a 10,704 vote margin of victory means no recount in Michigan. And even with Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) and Wisconsin (10 electoral votes) removed from his column, just for kicks and giggles, Trump still has 276 electoral votes and victory.

It’s over in Michigan. And with that, close the book on Election 2016. We now have our indisputable winner.

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