The Big Lie of Campaign 2016


Photo Courtesy of the Associated Press

The presidential campaign of Donald Trump has brought an atmosphere of violence to the American political landscape, at least according to his critics.  Thanks to Trump the fascist, they continue, campaign 2016 has spiraled out of control, quickly turning into a third world-banana republic-election.  We’ve seen anti-Trump protestors consistently crash his rallies, a sucker punch thrown by a Trump supporter, an event cancelled in Chicago amidst violence (in the arena and in the streets), and most recently an Arizona road blocked by protestors to prevent Trump supporters from hearing their candidate just days before that state holds its primary.  In response to all of this the political establishment (left & right), mainstream media (whatever that means anymore), and an increasing number of lifelong republicans have all decided to blame Trump.  They’re wrong and I call BS.

This isn’t rocket science.  It’s not complicated.  What we have seen with ever-increasing clarity during this campaign is the exposure of the longstanding leftist strategy of violence and intimidation.  It’s Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  It’s the Occupy Wall Street & Black Lives Matter playbook.  And that’s the point.  Despite what the establishment contends, the “violence” of this electoral season isn’t about Trump.  Don’t get me wrong, he has indeed called upon his supporters to handle protestors on several occasions.  However, after several years of watching Black Lives protestors aggressively & disrespectfully take over various events (most notably a Bernie Sanders rally several months back), many Americans have little sympathy for this nonsense anymore.  In other words, it’s the response to Trump that is the story.

What we see in campaign 2016 is the same old Left, but this time they have found a willing  ally in the increasingly irrelevant Republican establishment.  How wonderfully ironic.

For decades now the Right has been intimidated and silenced on college campuses, in the public square, and at the national level of American politics.  With the Trump phenomenon we are now witnessing millions rejecting the tactics of the Left.  Thousands who stand in line for hours to hear their candidate speak refuse to permit a few yahoos from disrupting an event.  Thousands more who have driven hours to hear their candidate speak refuse to be stopped by Leftists who don’t give a damn about freedom of speech or the democratic process.  Americans have known for years that it is the Left who employ fascistic tactics to prevent real debate.

Much has been said about angry voters during this election cycle.  Truth be told, a better word to describe the mood of the electorate might be frustrated.  The establishments continued unwillingness (inability?) to call out the crap tactics of the Left, instead choosing to cannibalize itself, simply feeds the frustration felt by  so much of the base.  A conscious decision on the part of millions to soundly reject the establishment narrative means that the big lie of campaign 2016 isn’t working.  It couldn’t happen too soon.


One thought on “The Big Lie of Campaign 2016

  1. Why on Earth would the lefties quit using mobs when they’ve been so effective? The protests over Trump are a continuation of the college campus rallies over racism, a follow-up of what happened to Ben Shapiro at CSULA, an echo of the Duke-endorsed-Trump lie. The lack of resistance among college presidents and GOP wise-guys to any of the above is a disgrace. They should know better.


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